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Video Tutorials

A quick run through of Granthika’s features.
Learn how to use Granthika’s editor, including the table of contents, how to add notes and other elements to each chapter or scene, mentions of characters or events, and much more.
Granthika’s application menu allows you to create new projects, export to Microsoft Word and Scrivener and other formats, and even export the entire universe of your story—your characters, events, etc.
Learn how to create characters, events, and other story elements. Granthika allows you to seamlessly connect these element to your manuscripts.
Granthika’s mentions allow you to easily connect your manuscript’s text to story elements like characters. And the analyzer makes these connections without any laborious effort on your part.
You can create events and set relations between events. For example, you can say one event follows another by three days. And then you can see all these events on a timeline.
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