Character Manager

The Character Manager allows users to add and delete characters, and also to attach associated information to each characters: labels, aliases, notes, images.



The timeline visually represents the events you have created in Granthika and allows you to click-and-drag events and move them around. 


Event Manager

The Events Manager allows users to add and delete events,  Users can define chronological relationships with other events, participants, and locations. 



The analyzer is an entity recognition module which goes through a chapter, scene, or section in your manuscript, and suggests possible characters and locations automatically discovered by the system.


Location Manager

The Locations Manager allows users to add and delete locations, and also to attach associated information to each location: labels, aliases, notes, images as well as relationships to events. 


Table of Contents

You can manage discourse elements at four levels - part, chapter, scene and section. These elements can be  easily clicked and dragged  and moved anywhere in the table of contents.  The manuscript structure can be also exported to PDF.


Object Manager

The Object Manager allows users to add and delete objects, and also to attach associated information to each object: labels, aliases, notes, images.



Users can import from Word, Scrivener, RTF or from other Granthika projects.



Users can export to Microsoft Word format, Scrivener,  PDF,  RTF or to the Granthika project and universe formats.


Knowledge Browser

Granthika fuses text and a knowledge graph of all your stories elements, their relationships, notes about them, direct or indirect mentions. You can seamlessly jump between related stories elements or between the places in the text they are mentioned.


Universe Creation, Import and Export

Build a world of characters, events, objects and location with a complex network of relationships between them. Export and share that universe between projects or with fellow writers. 


Semantic Search

Search your text as the knowledge base that it is. Instead of looking up keywords, formulate advanced queries like “events with participant Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” or “scenes containing pipe.”



Granthika can track all instances in which a character, location, event and object has been mentioned in your manuscript text, thus allowing to track and analyze when, how often, and in what context your story elements appear.


Narrative Structure Management

Create and reshuffle your breakdown of chapters, sections and scenes at any depth using a classical Table of Contents or corkboard type view.


Text Metrics

Word count, overused words, vocabulary richness, gender pronoun usage frequency, and character gender ratio are analyzed for the manuscript in its entirety and per part, chapter, scene and section.


Language Assistant

Let the Granthika language assistant do its magic by automatically discovering new characters, locations or relationships for your story universe. Let it help you with spelling, finding the right word, detecting overused words or, better yet, flag gender bias in your text.