Borislav Iordanov

President / Founder

Software entrepreneur, programmer, innovator.

Vikram Chandra

CEO / Founder

Writer, geek, teacher.

Petar Kostov

Senior Developer

Software developer, intelligent technologies enthusiast.

Assia Alexandrova

Product Manager

Digital innovations strategist, software requirements engineering aspirant, amateur chef.



Wired magazine, “A Code-Obsessed Novelist Builds a Writing Bot. The Plot Thickens”, February 6, 2020 
Vikram Chandra, the author of Sacred Games, created Granthika to keep track of complex narratives. It could change the future of storytelling.

California magazine, “Debugging the Novel,” Fall 2017
The goal is to build Granthika in such a way that it will be easy for any writer to understand—the code should be elegant to a programmer, and the interface simple for the novelist. If it’s successful, the software could change the way the novel is composed. In Chandra and Iordanov’s wildest dreams, Granthika could even change the future of literature.



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