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Granthika for Fiction Writers

test drive online

Granthika is an application for writing fiction and non-fiction. It offers word processing, universe building, a timeline, powerful management of narrative structure, an intelligent search and many more features. 

A demo of Granthika is available for you to try without login or registration. Since this is a demo environment, DO NOT write or import anything you may want to retrieve at a later time. You can access the web version here: 

Give Feedback
If you encounter any issues, please report them here:

Request Features
If you would like to see additional features in Granthika Online, please visit and take a look at the feature requests already made. If you find a request similar to yours, please upvote it, if not - please add to the wishlist. We prioritize based on our users’ votes.

Desktop Version


Granthika is subscription based, whether you chose to use it online or through the desktop application. You can purchase a subscription on a monthly basis for $10/month or on a yearly basis for $100/year. A subscription is valid for both the online and the desktop version. You can purchase either by clicking on a button below or through the online application itself  within the user profile section.


Available on all three major operating systems—Windows,MacOS, and Linux.

Try it free for 30 days

Download the trial version and explore Granthika’s features.

No credit card necessary.

To request a free educational subscription, email us at

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