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What operating systems does Granthika support?

Granthika runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. We are currently working on an online version which will naturally be accessible via mobile devices and iPads.

How can I request a new Granthika feature?

You can view the features requested by other users and also enter your own requests on our roadmap site. Please upvote the requests you deem most valuable so we can prioritize their development.

request feature
How much does Granthika cost?

Granthika is available as either a monthly or yearly subscription. Please see our product page for pricing.

How many devices can I install Granthika on?

Once you purchase Granthika you are entitled to use it on up to two different computers.

How is Granthika different from Scrivener?

Like Scrivener, Granthika is software that helps organize your writing, but many features are different. Most notably, in Granthika your text is connected to your story elements (characters, locations, objects, and events) via mentions. This lets you keep track of their usage and ensures narrative continuity and consistency. For all Granthika features, see our documentation.

Do I need an internet connection to use Granthika?
Internet connection

You only need to have an active connection the first time you use the software, so that all the latest updates can be downloaded. After that first time, whenever you start Granthika again, if you are connected to the internet further updates will be downloaded. So you never have to worry about updating the software.

How can I get help?

You can email us at, contact us via chat on this website, or post your question on our forums. You can also read the Granthika documentation and watch some tutorials.

Is my work being backed up?
work backed up

Granthika backs up your project every 15 minutes. You can access your backups by going to the application menu (the letter 'g') and clicking on Project Backups—a dialog box will then show you all your backups sorted by date and time.

Your backup files are stored in the “\granthika\backup” folder under your Home directory (which varies according to the operating system you’re using).

For more information about backups, see here.

You can also export the project you’re currently working on to a format native to Granthika (the file will have the extension “.grantha”). On the G menu, click on Export, and then on Project. You can save the exported grantha file at any location on your computer.

Is my manuscript secured?  Does anyone else have access to it?
manuscript secured

Your manuscript is saved on your own computer, and no one can access it through Granthika.

How do I start using Granthika?
start using granthika

If you have written a novel in Microsoft Word or Scrivener you can directly import it into Granthika and then start adding your characters, locations, objects, and events. This process is described in our quickstart guide.

You can also explore Granthika’s features by using the sample Arthur Conan Doyle short story we have provided. Follow these steps.

Finally, you can take a look at our tutorials.

How can I save my work?
save work

Granthika saves whatever you write in the editor and any changes you make to the table of contents once every minute.


Other operations may require that you click on the Save button.  These include creating and editing characters, locations, objects, events, chapter details, notes, labels and aliases. Whenever a manual click on the Save button is required you will see a prominent message (in orange) informing you that you have unsaved changes.

Where are my project files stored?
files stored

Granthika automatically creates and saves all your manuscripts in its local store. So you never have to open and close individual files as you might be doing with traditional word processors and text editors. Instead, within Granthika, you use the Application Menu to create, open, and close individual projects. Each project represents a manuscript along with all the knowledge relevant to that manuscript (your story elements, events, notes, etc.). You can also export Granthika manuscripts to other formats, or import from other formats to create Granthika projects (see below).

How can I import an existing manuscript into Granthika, or export a manuscript I’ve created in Granthika?
import manuscript Grantika

Granthika supports direct import from several file formats: Microsoft Word, Scrivener, plain text, and RTF.

To import from one of these formats, open the Application Menu and then select Import.

You can export the project you’re currently working on to the following formats: Microsoft Word, Scrivener, PDF, and RTF.

For more information, please see here.

Can I attach files and images to my projects?
attach files

You can attach images to characters, locations, objects and events.

We are working on a feature which will allow you to attach files (PDFs, etc.) to your manuscript.

Does Granthika have a built-in spell checker and a style checker?
spell checker

Granthika has a built-in spell checker.

We will add a style checker shortly.

How do I italicize and bold text in my manuscript?
italicize text

Use the hamburger menu in the Editor to open the formatting toolbar, and then click on the buttons there to apply formatting changes.  And you can also use the familiar Ctrl-B and Ctrl-I keyboard shortcuts for formatting.

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